Tasting Tayside 2024

Taking place on Tuesday 14th May at Discovery Point in Dundee, Tayside Tayside & Fife 2024 was a busy and successful event.

Thirty four fantastic producers from across Perthshire, Angus, Fife and Dundee arrived and set out some terrific displays of their products. Over 30 buyers from sectors including buying groups, wholesalers, large caterers, hospitality businesses, and specialist retailers attended, plus representatives from a range of support organisations and industry bodies. There was a tremendous buzz in the venue as productive conversations got under way. At least 18 new buying relationships have been reported and a similar number of new listings.

For producers, the showcase was followed after a lunch (of locally sourced food, naturally) by an interactive workshop with an expert panel discussing the topic of ‘How to Grow Your Business & Explore New Routes to Market’. Thanks to Colin Smith (Scottish Wholesale Association), Graeme Ferguson (Invest Fife), Clair Smith (GrowBiz) and George Ellis (Business Gateway Tayside) for bringing their insight, and to the producers who added to the conversation.


This event was run jointly by the Appetite for Angus, Eat & Drink Dundee, Food from Fife and Great Perthshire regional food groups with support from Scotland Food & Drink. We hope to run similar events in the future; if you are interested in participating please get in touch.

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Great Perthshire FAQs

What is Great Perthshire?

Great Perthshire is the Regional Food Group for Perth & Kinross. A network of regional food groups was started around 2020 by Scotland Food and Drink, to improve their engagement with smaller food & drink producers across the country, promote regional food, and share best practice.  Great Perthshire had begun before this as the Great Perthshire Picnic, an annual event. but became part of the Regional Food Groups network when it was formed.

Great Perthshire is a network of food and drink businesses based in the area. including producers, wholesalers, hospitality businesses and specialist retailers. The network exists to promote the fantastic food & drink products of Perth & Kinross, and the P&K businesses who make, distribute and sell them. We aim to do that by ensuring representation at events locally and nationally, and using our website, social media and PR to support and amplify the efforts of our members.

Who runs Great Perthshire?

GrowBiz logoGreat Perthshire is operated by GrowBiz, a business support organisation based in rural Perthshire.

GrowBiz has years of experience of creating strong networks of peer businesses and we aim to replicate that with the food & drink group, to build a network of support and best practice sharing - and ideally trading together, shortening supply chains and opening new markets.  We will also provide networking opportunities and learning sessions on popular business topics.

Great Perthshire has a steering group made up of business people passionate about the food & drink scene in Perth & Kinross. The current members of the steering group are: Great Perthshire Steering Group

Chris Rowley - Ballintaggart (chair)
Gareth Ruddock - Giraffe Trading
Jackie Brierton - GrowBiz
Mark Bush - Summer Harvest Oils
Charlotte Blackler - Herb Majesty & Mena
Iain Fenwick - Perthshire.Local
Daniel Muir - GrowBiz (coordinator)


How is Great Perthshire funded?

The regional food groups are funded jointly by Scotland Food & Drink (backed by Scottish Government funding) and local authorities, in our case Perth & Kinross Council. We are grateful for their support.

What does it cost to join?

There is no cost involved in joining or being a member of Great Perthshire. We want to encourage as many of the food & drink producers, as well as hospitality businesses and specialist retailers in the area to join and contribute to a thriving network in Perth & Kinross - so please encourage others you know to join as well.

How do I join?

If you run a food & drink business in Perth & Kinross we would love to have you as members. Please fill in the form here on the website and our coordinator will quickly get you on board.

How do I find out more?

If you have any other questions about Great Perthshire, please send us an email at Hello@GreatPerthshire.com

We also encourage you to join our mailing list (click here) for regular updates, and follow our social media:

Facebook logo www.facebook.com/GreatPerthshire

Instagram Logo www.instagram.com/GreatPerthshire


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